Motala 6000LS Car lift for narrow spaces

Motala 6000LS

Motala 6000LS is a slow-moving cabin lift certified to the Machinery Directive (0.15 m/s). Ride quality and user experience matches that of an ordinary passenger lift.

Motala 6000LS needs no machinery above the lift and no pit at the bottom of the shaft. The entire height of the shaft can be used. The user experience is the same as in an ordinary lift – one push of the button and the lift goes to the requested floor.

The compact design makes efficient use of the shaft height. The self-supporting shaft means that the lift can be installed without major alterations to the structure of the building, as the weight of the lift is transferred to the bottom of the shaft to reduce the load on other parts of the building.

This lift is mainly used for retrofit in existing buildings where the lift needs to take up as little space as possible, for instance in a stairwell. But it can also be used in new buildings to minimize installation costs.

Motala 6000LS can provide an alternative to a platform lift in installations with high requirements for ride comfort.

Pictured: Motala 6000LS in Drammen, Norway