Kone Prospace korghiss


KONE Prospace is a space-saving cabin lift that can be installed in the stairwell of most buildings. It needs no equipment on top of the lift and a pit of just 10 cm at the bottom of the shaft.

The compact solution makes efficient use of the height of the shaft. The self-supporting shaft means the lift can be installed without major alterations to the structure of the building, as the weight of the lift is transferred to the bottom of the shaft to reduce the load on other parts of the building.

This lift is mainly used to retrofit existing buildings, where the lift needs to take up as little space as possible, for instance in stairwells. But it can also be used in existing buildings to minimize installation costs. This model is marketed by KONE.

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Motala Hissar is a fully owned subsidiary to KONE AB, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of lifts, escalators, entrance systems and automatic doors.