Motala B6

Motala B6 is an elevator according to the elevator directive (EN81-20) and is probably the most space-efficient elevator in the world. With Motala B6, you get the most space in the basket in relation to the space the self-supporting shaft requires. It is most often installed in existing buildings, for example in existing stairwells, but also offers a space-efficient alternative in new construction. We can offer solutions up to 30m lifting height, 16 floors, a large choice of sizes and travel at a speed of 0.6m/s.

Motala B6 is toothed belt driven for maximum comfort, safety and lowest noise level. You can choose to put glass, or mix solid panels with glass entirely to your liking. Glazed shaft provides pleasant light transmission in, for example, a stairwell and gives the journey a feeling of more space. Motala B6 has a shutter door. The door takes up less space in depth than standard double doors and increases the space inside the lift by as much as 40 cm. When the door is opened, it goes around the basket and thus also saves the space on the sides that would otherwise be used for the door mechanism.


Easy service

Belt drive is very reliable, the belt is reinforced with 12 cast steel cables, which makes it extremely durable and has a quiet operation. The service intervals on the belt for our Motala B6 are 10 years or 1,000,000 starts.


Quick and easy installation

Motala B6 takes about five days to install, as the lift is built from inside the shaft with special platforms supplied by Motala Hissar – so no scaffolding is needed around the shaft when it is being built.



We provide a 5-year warranty on the drive system, and the rest of the lift is covered by the usual 2-year warranty (warranty outside Sweden is 1 year).



Motala 2000 cabin

Installation space +30mm