Questions and answers

Here we have collected some common questions we receive from our customers.
Do not hesitate to contact us if you do not find the answers to your questions here,
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How much assembly space do you need for installation?

At least 30mm extra in addition to the outside dimensions of the shaft.

OBS! The space must be freely soldered from pit to top.

Can you have the lift painted in any color you want?

There are standard colors and in addition there is a list of RAL colors that can be offered at extra cost. Then there is the possibility of getting others as well, but that must then be investigated on a case-by-case basis. This can also affect the delivery time.

Do you need a pit?

The pit only needs to be 60mm for the MC2000 and 70mm for the MC2000 Cabin. Both can also be mounted without a pit, but then a ramp is required.

OBS! For B6, a pit that meets the requirements for rescue space below is required.

Exceptions to this must be approved on a case-by-case basis by the building committee. In this case, B6 can cope with a pit of 100mm or 0mm (ramp). B6 meets the requirements for alternative rescue space according to SS-EN 81-21.

Do you have to build your lift into a shaft?

No, our shaft is self-supporting. Fastening and weight takes place in the floor, then only the frame is attached to the plane for stabilization.

What power source is required for the lift?

MC2000: 230V single phase 10A

B6: 400V three-phase 16A

According to directives, there must be a safety switch mounted on the incoming.

Is scaffolding required to erect the lift?

No, our lifts are built from inside the shaft using a mounting kit.

Which directives apply to MC2000(C) and B6?

For MC 2000(C), the machinery directive 2006/42/EC and standard
SS-EN 81-41:2010 apply.

For B6, the elevator directive with associated standards applies.

What is the speed of the MC2000?

The MC2000 has a speed of 0.15 m/s. This has to do with it falling under
the machinery directive.

What is the speed of the Motala B6?

Motala B6 has a speed of 0.6m/s.

Can I buy your lifts outside of Sweden?

We have distributors around the world that we work with.

What kind of drive system does the MC2000 have?

MC2000 has controlled chain drive, i.e. it has a chain that runs in a guide rail in a guide (C-profile). As the chain runs in a strip, it both lifts and pushes the platform.

Should the chain break for some reason, it will not affect the safety of the lift.

Can you get a glazed shaft?

The shaft can be glazed on all four sides.

What is the lift height of a B6?

Total lifting height is 30 meters or 16 floors.

What kind of drive system does the B6 have?

The B6 is powered by a belt drive.

Do you have to hold the button when driving?

On the MC2000, it’s like that, you have to keep the button pressed during the entire journey when riding on the platform, this as the platform lacks basket walls. However, there is impulse on the call buttons. You press once to call the elevator. MC2000 Cabin and B6, on the other hand, have impulse on the platform/in the basket.