Motala 2000 cabin

Motala 2000 cabin

Motala 2000 cabin is a further development of our platform lift Motala 2000 which is often used to provide accessibility in public buildings. Our new version has a basket instead of a platform, which feels even safer for people to ride the elevator. The elevator can handle a transport of 15 meters and 2-6 stops.

With its quiet and safe operation, the Motala 2000 cabin meets current requirements in properties without taking up more space than absolutely necessary. We offer a 5-year warranty on the engine and gearbox as well as a lifetime warranty on the chain operation. The lift is 95% recyclable.

Standard functions such as handrail in stainless steel, load weight device, control cabinet integrated with shaft panel and LED light in the shaft.

Elevator doors can be mounted on any short side of the basket and opened from the left or right as desired, can also be obtained certified for fire. For more functions and options, see technical data here.

The elevator shaft can be fitted with glazing on all sides, which gives an attractive appearance. The lift is also environmentally friendly – energy consumption is only a third of most comparable products and no oil changes are required for service. Installation is quick and easy, only taking a couple of days. The lift is designed for easy control, manufactured with smart technology and high quality. Motala 2000 cabin is certified to EN81-41.