Ground-breaking innovations


Chain drive

The chain drive used in the platform lift MC2000 is quiet, safe, reliable and maintenance free. No lubrication will be required at any point of its life. The system is very energy efficient, with a small 0.75 kW motor being more than enough to power the equipment. The control system uses an inverter that provides soft start and stopping.

The platform moves using two guide rails in the corners of the long end of the platform, extending the entire height of the shaft. The chain is contained within a track, which means it cannot be dislodged. Should the chain break (something that has never occurred) the platform will be left standing on top of the chain, in a position that is completely safe.

The chain drive optimizes the free space inside the lift. The lift is just 130 mm wider on the outside than on the inside, while depth-wise, the difference is only 80 mm. This makes the MC2000 the most space-efficient lift in the market.

We are so convinced of the chain’s reliability that we provide a full 10-year warranty on the drive mechanism and 5 years on the motor and gearbox, in addition to the warranties that apply to the rest of the lift.


Sliding doors

Both Motala B6 and Motala 2000 Cabin are available with sliding doors. This type of door requires less depth than standard double doors and increases the space inside the lift by as much as 40 cm. When opened, the door wraps around the outside of the cabin, saving the space on both sides that would otherwise have been used for the door mechanism.