Motala Hissar –
when space is at a premium

Our products do not require a machine room above the lift, everything is integrated in the self-supporting shaft that is always delivered with the product. As we supply a self-supporting shaft for our platform lifts, there is no need for an existing shaft either, we just need a hole, through the joists where the lift will stand.

Elevators with a chain or belt drive have no counterweight. This saves space, reduces weight, price and cuts installation time to a minimum.


Our lift models:

Motala B6 is an elevator according to the elevator directive (EN81-20) and is probably the most space-efficient elevator in the world. It is most often installed in existing buildings, for example in existing stairwells, but also offers a space-efficient alternative in new construction. We can offer solutions up to 30m lifting height, 16 floors, a large choice of sizes and travel at a speed of 0.6m/s.

Motala 2000 comes with our very reliable chain drive. Unlike screw drive, which is normally used in platform lifts, this technology involves no wear, little or almost no need for maintenance in terms of replacing or repairing our controlled chain drive, the technology does not create noise. We are so convinced of the reliability of the chain drive that we provide a lifetime guarantee on the guides, chain and guide rails. We have been using this technology without problems since 1995.

Motala 2000 Home is a slightly simpler version of Motala 2000 to fit in homes.

Motala 2000 Cabin is delivered with the same type of chain drive (controlled chain) and the same lifetime warranty on the chain drive as for Motala 2000. The difference is that the Motala 2000 Cabin lift has a full basket with basket doors, which means that there is impulse control of the lift both in call and destination.


Easy service

The chain has a coating that reduces friction. This means that no oil is needed, which reduces the need for service. No oil leaks occur and there is no waste oil to deal with. The need for cleaning becomes less.

The electric drive system has a frequency converter that minimizes power consumption and provides smooth stopping and starting. This reduces the strain on the electrical system and results in low energy consumption. Only one phase with a 10A fuse is needed for our chain drive, compared to 16A which is otherwise normal in platform lift installations when using e.g. screw and nut technology to lift the platform.


Quick and easy installation

All our products are easy to install, the platform lift Motala 2000 can be installed in just two days and the Motala 2000 Cabin three days, as the lift is built from inside the shaft with special platforms supplied by Motala – so no scaffolding is needed around the shaft when it is being built.



We offer a lifetime warranty on the Motala 2000 and Motala 2000 Cabin guides, chain and guide bars, to demonstrate our great confidence in this construction. To this day, we have never replaced a chain. We provide a 5-year warranty on the rest of the drive system, and the rest of the lift is covered by the usual 2-year warranty (warranty outside Sweden is 1 year).

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