Motala Hissar –
when space is at a premium

Efficient use of the available space is one of the main advantages of the lifts from Motala Hissar. Our platform lifts are the most space-saving products in our range.

The platform lift Motala 2000 is frequently used in installations with a small number of floors, for instance to improve accessibility to public buildings.

Motala 6000LS is a slow-moving cabin lift that moves at the same speed as a platform lift, combining the features of both types of lift. This provides simple installation, while the comfort and user experience match that of a standard passenger lift.

ProSpace is an ordinary cabin lift with extraordinarily small space requirements. It is frequently installed in existing buildings, for instance in stairwells, offices and shops.

Reliability is another great advantage of our product offering. The platform lift comes with our very reliable chain drive. Unlike screw drive, which is normally used with platform lifts, chain drive gives no wear, no maintenance requirement and no noise. We are so convinced about the reliability of our chain drive that we offer as much as 10 years’ warranty on the chain. As yet, we have never had to make good on this promise.

The cabin lifts use belt drive. This technology requires very little maintenance. With belt drive, the lift can be used in buildings with a greater number of floors. No lifting gear is required on top of the lift, so the entire height of the shaft can be used.

Our lifts with chain or belt drive have no counterweight, saving space and reducing weight.


Simplified service

The chain has a friction-reducing coating that eliminates the need for lubrication and reduces the service needs. This means no oil leaks and no need to dispose of used oil. It also means less cleaning.

The electrical drive system has an inverter to reduce energy consumption and to provide soft start and stopping. This reduces stress on the electrical system and cuts energy consumption. The system only needs single-phase 230V, 10A fuse.

The belt has a steel core, making it extremely durable. The belt has an unlimited lifetime but we recommend that the belt is replaced once every 10 years.


Rapid installation

The Motala 2000 platform lift can be installed in just two days. The cabin lifts LS6000 and ProSpace are also very quick to install, as the lifts are built from inside the shaft – no scaffolding is required.



We offer as much as 10 years’ warranty on the Motala 2000 chain drive as a show of confidence for the reliability of this design. We have never had to replace any of these chains. We offer five years’ warranty on the rest of the drive system. All other parts are covered by the usual two-year warranty.

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