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Home lifts

Our compact platform lifts help improve accessibility.

Existing buildings

High quality and space-saving design makes our lifts the preferred choice for refurbishment and renovation works.

New buildings

Simple, effective solutions for improved accessibility.


Featuring many innovative solutions, the lifts from Motala Hissar offer low energy consumption, long warranty and reliability.

Platform lifts

The long warranty and the space-saving design are main benefits of the lifts from Motala Hissar. Our platform lift is one of the most space-efficient on the market.

All mechanical parts are manufactured in-house. This way, we have full control of production, quality and manufacturing schedules. If a customer needs a special technical solution or particularly fast delivery, we usually meet such requirements.

Our production plant in Motala is centrally located from a geographical point of view, with fast distribution routes.

Produktion av plattformshissar i Motala
MC 2000 plattformshissar

An uplifting history

Motala Hissar started operations in 1972 with the manufacture of goods lifts. Since the 1980s, the company has mainly focused on platform lifts, primarily used for improving accessibility to buildings. More than 10 000 lifts have been delivered worldwide. About 60% of the output is exported.

Motala Hissar AB

Luxorgatan 1
Box 4029
S-59104 Motala, Sweden


Tel. +46 141 23 70 50

Motala Hissar is a fully owned subsidiary to KONE AB, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of lifts, escalators, entrance systems and automatic doors.