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Home lifts

Our compact platform lifts help improve accessibility.

Existing buildings

High quality and space-saving design makes our lifts the preferred choice for refurbishment and renovation works.

New buildings

Simple, effective solutions for improved accessibility.

News: Motala B6

Motala B6 is an elevator according to the elevator directive (EN81-20) and is probably the most space-efficient elevator in the world. With Motala B6, you get the most space in the basket in relation to the space the self-supporting shaft requires.


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We are now honored to announce that we have become part of INNOVALIFT. We are still owned by Latour. Innovalift is a group of leading companies in the elevator industry that will focus on sustainability, design, product quality and innovations.    Elevator...

Pressrelease 2021-07-09

      PRESS RELEASE 2021-07-09   Motala Hissar AB to change ownership Motala Hissar AB, a pioneer in the platform lift industry, will change ownership effective from August 31, 2021. Today, we announce that Investment AB Latour (publ) has, through...

Our history

Motala Hissar started in 1972. Since the 80s, the company has mainly focused on platform lifts, which are predominantly used for accessibility adaptation of buildings. To date, over 10,000 elevators have been delivered to customers worldwide. Around 60% of the production is exported